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Professional TV Mount Installation How much does it cost to mount a TV mount?

Mounting a TV on the Wall

National Average Range: $104 – $311

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How much does it cost to install a TV mount?

Updated: March 3, 2024*

Television mounts, designed to secure your TV to the wall, offer a sleek alternative to traditional stands or entertainment centers. Installation costs vary based on factors like TV size, bracket type, and labor. The national average TV mount installation price now ranges from $104 to $311. This guide, provided by, breaks down the costs and considerations associated with TV mount installations.

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 TV Mount Prices

TV Mount Installation Cost

National average cost: $208

Average range: $104 – $311

Low-end: $78

High-end: $1,039

TV Mount Cost by Television Size

| Size | Average Cost (Only Unit) |

| Less Than 25” | $16 – $120 |

| 25” to 35” | $16 – $220 |

| 35” to 55” | $21 – $330 |

| 55” to 65” | $26 – $440 |

| 65” to 75” | $62 – $520 |

| 75” and Over | $78 – $832 |

TV Wall Mount Price by Television Weight

| Weight | Average Cost (Only Unit) |

| Less Than 30 lbs. | $16 – $55 |

| 30 – 40 lbs. | $16 – $66 |

| 40 – 60 lbs. | $16 – $110 |

| 60 – 70 lbs. | $21 – $110 |

| 70 – 110 lbs. | $42 – $312 |

| 110 – 160 lbs. | $52 – $416 |

| 160 lbs. or More | $78 – $520 |

TV Mount Prices by Type

| Type | Average Cost (Only Unit) |

| Under-Cabinet | $16 – $110 |

| Fixed | $16 – $165 |

| Door | $21 – $220 |

| Ultra-Thin | $31 – $330 |

| Tilting | $52 – $330 |

| In-Wall | $104 – $520 |

| Full-Motion | $104 – $520 |

| Ceiling | $104 – $520 |

| Fireplace | $156 – $520 |

Under-Cabinet TV Mount

An affordable option for kitchens, ranging from $16 to $110.

Fixed TV Wall Mount

Cost-effective, ranging from $16 to $165, ideal for a fixed position.

Door TV Mount

Innovative door brackets, priced between $21 and $220, perfect for unique installations.

Ultra-Thin TV Wall Mount

Professional and sleek, ranging from $31 to $330, great for a clean aesthetic.

Tilting TV Wall Mount

Variable costs, from $52 to $330, offering a comfortable viewing experience.

In-Wall TV Mount

Ranges from $104 to $520, installed inside the wall for a seamless look.

Full-Motion TV Wall Mount

Articulating models, priced between $104 and $520, providing maximum movement.

Ceiling TV Mount

Costing $104 to $520, a suitable option when wall installation is challenging.

Fireplace TV Mount

Specially designed for fireplaces, priced between $156 and $520, ensuring safe installation.

Labor Cost to Mount a TV on a Wall

Professionally installing a tilting TV mount for a 40-inch television now averages $208, with labor costs around $104 to $130. TV wall mount installation services range from $78 to $208, influenced by location, provider, and project complexity. A store installation team might charge $52 for basic installation, while an electrician may charge $42 to $125 per hour. A handyman, charging per project, may cost approximately $312 to $416. Hourly rates average around $68.

Professional installation ensures secure and well-placed TVs, saving time and potential wall damage. Professionals possess the necessary tools and expertise for heavy televisions and wire concealment.

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TV Wall Mount Installation Cost by Type of Wall

The average price to hang a television varies by wall type, ranging from $104 to $832, installed. The wall type significantly influences costs, with tougher materials like brick, concrete, and stone requiring more labor. Average unit costs are consistent for harder surfaces due to similar equipment and processes. When obtaining a quote, specify your wall type for accurate pricing.

| Location | Average Unit Cost (Installed)

| Drywall | $104 – $312 |

| Brick Wall | $208 – $832 |

| Concrete Wall | $208 – $832 |

| Stone Wall | $208 – $832 |

Cost to Mount a TV Over the Fireplace

Installing a TV over a fireplace now ranges from $232 to $742. Costs depend on installation complexity, fireplace material, and additional work such as running and concealing wires. Consideration must be given to the heat emitted by the fireplace, as improper installation can damage the TV and wiring. Consult with professionals to determine the safety of mounting a TV above a working fireplace.

Cost to Mount a TV and Hide Wires

Installing a TV on the wall and concealing cables now costs $156 to $260. Costs may rise to $416 to $520 for wire hiding, depending on wall type. Cable management covers, priced between $10 and $40, offer an alternative to in-wall concealment. Ensure cables meet fire and building codes for safety.

Motorized TV Mount

Motorized TV mounts, offering movement options, average $136 to $312 for materials, depending on size and type. These mounts may move TVs from side to side, tilt, or descend from a hidden position. Various operation methods, including remote control and smartphone apps, provide convenience.

TV Mount Stand Price

TV mount stands, priced from $104 to $624, offer a floor-based alternative. These stands, equipped with built-in brackets, sit on the floor, providing additional features like shelves and drawers for devices. Prices vary based on size and design, suitable for both large and small TVs.

What Height Should I Mount my TV?

Selecting the correct height is crucial when wall-mounting a TV. Experts recommend mounting living room TVs, viewed from standard sofas, at eye level. The ideal height ranges from 40” to 60” off the floor. Larger TVs may require higher installation. Consult professionals for precise measurements and placement.

Pros and Cons

While mounting TVs is popular for space-saving and aesthetic reasons, there are considerations. Pros include gaining floor space and achieving better viewing angles. However, wall damage during installation and visible cords are potential drawbacks. Professional installation minimizes risks.


Choosing a compatible mount requires knowledge of your TV’s VESA number, issued by the Video Electronics Standards Association. VESA numbers designate manufacturing standards and determine mount compatibility.

Enhancement and Improvement Costs

Install Outlet Behind TV

If there are no electrical outlets for your television, a new outlet can be installed for $120 to $200. Before installing a bracket, ensure that an electrical outlet is within reach. If not, you will need to consider adding this expense to the project budget. You may also choose to install a new grounded outlet if yours is older or to upgrade to an outlet that includes jacks for cabling, fiber, or other connections, incurring a premium cost.

Surround Sound Speakers Installation

Installation of surround-sound speakers costs $800 to $4,000, with larger and higher-quality systems costing more. Speaker stands and brackets can be purchased for an average of $100 per pair. Surround-sound speaker systems come in various designs and layouts, including single-speaker soundbars and multi-speaker systems. The type and quality of the system you choose impact the overall cost.

TV Accessories

Accessories like HDMI cables ($20 to $220) and A/V cables ($2 to $170) may be necessary to complete the setup of your installed television. These accessories connect your television to other devices such as game consoles, computers, or surround sound systems. Prices are influenced by the quality and length of the cables. Ensure that you take inventory, purchase all necessary cords, and consider keeping extra cords around in case one doesn’t work or you need spares.

TV Wi-Fi Adapter

Wi-Fi adapters for a television cost between $25 and $150. You need this if you want to connect your television to your home’s Wi-Fi network and your television is older. Modern Smart televisions connect to Wi-Fi networks on their own, so this should not be a concern if you’ve purchased a television within the past five to seven years. If you need to purchase a Wi-Fi adapter, ensure it is compatible with your television.

Install a Wall Shelf

Installing a wall shelf with your mounted TV provides additional space to hold cable boxes, media players, speakers, and other television accessories. If you have one installed when your TV is installed, expect to pay an additional $100 to $200. If you call a handyman out to install one later, the cost is likely to be around $150 to $300, depending on the cost of the shelf. Professional installation is recommended, especially if it holds electronics, to ensure everything is secure.

Install a Cord Shelf

Options for cord concealment range from $30 to $85 for simple solutions involving a metal, wood, or plastic case covering your cords and affixing to the wall. Concealing cords inside the wall, where they are not visible until the ends where they connect to the power and device, adds an extra cost of $50 to $175, depending on the cord and type of wall. A power source recessed into the wall that fits behind the TV and allows you to attach everything behind the TV costs an average of $85 to $200, depending on the hardware needed and the time it takes to run the lines.

Additional Considerations and Costs

Home theaters: If you have a home theater or a surround sound system, the installation cost may include having AV cords reattached or components wired together, requiring a higher level of expertise and potentially higher costs.

Wall type: If your wall has metal studs, it may not support a television’s weight. Consult with a professional beforehand.

Position: Consider the viewing ability when selecting your television’s new location. Your position influences what bracket type is most suitable. Options that do not tilt are not good choices for positions far above eye level, and fixed low-profile options are not ideal for high-mounting positions.

-Recycling: If you plan to fix a new television to the wall and want to get rid of an old one, your contractor can dispose of and recycle it. Not all contractors offer this service, and those who do may charge $50 to $75.

Distance: Sit at the right distance from your television screen to avoid eye strain. Experts recommend sitting at a distance of 1.5 to 2.5 times the diagonal screen measurement.

Guarantee: Inquire about a guarantee or warranty on the work performed by professionals installing your television bracket. Consider protection plans or warranties available at the time of purchase.

Type of TV: The type of TV you have will not affect the mounting process or the mount type. Almost any type of TV can fit on any type of mount as long as the correct size is chosen.

TV cart: Some homeowners prefer having the ability to move their TV around with ease. In these cases, a TV cart might be the best option. These carts are strong enough to hold your TV and allow it to be moved around as needed.

Repairs and relocation: In some cases, you may need to have drywall or electrical wiring removed, repaired, or modified to accommodate a wall mount, adding costs to your TV mount installation project.

Testing and remediation: If mold is discovered or suspected during the TV mount installation, testing and remediation may be necessary.


Can I install a TV mount myself? While you can install a TV mount yourself, it may be challenging and pose a safety risk unless securely attached to wall studs. Professional installation is recommended.

Can you mount a curved TV on the wall? Yes, a curved TV can be mounted to the wall in the same way as a flat TV.

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